Board Member: Alissa DeRouchie

Alissa DeRouchie joined the Cloth Diaper Connection board of directors in the spring of 2013. As a mom to three boys, she does a daily juggling act homeschooling the 11 and 9 year olds while trying to keep the youngest, who is 18 months, out of trouble. All three kids have been cloth diapered.

In 2008, Alissa and her husband Noah opened Sprout Soup, a children’s store featuring natural products, and cloth diapers were added to the lineup. The selection started out small, but quickly grew as families realized how easy modern cloth diapers were! In February of 2009, Sprout Soup hosted the first Sprout Swap and they have been a much-anticipated event twice every year since then. Cloth Diaper Connection took over the Swap as a fundraiser in 2013.

Alissa graduated from Taylor University where she majored in graphic design. She still owns Sprout Soup where she helps families cloth diaper. She is also a trained Babywearing Educator. Alissa manages the Cloth Diaper Connection website and serves as the Secretary.