The Big Give is Back, Bigger, and Better than Ever!

Amplify your donation to Diaper Connection during The Big Give!

The Big Give is back! Mark Your Calendars for the perfect opportunity to make a gift to Diaper Connection. During the 24 hour online event beginning May 12 at 10 a.m., your gift to Diaper Connection made through The Columbus Foundation’s website will be matched on a pro rata basis thanks to a bigger-than-ever $1.3 million bonus pool.

Additionally, all credit card fees will be paid by The Columbus Foundation, allowing 100% of your gift to directly support Diaper Connection.


Diaper Connection is currently supporting about 80 families with our program, with nearly 20 more on a wait list. Approximately 8,000 disposable diapers will be used over the course of a child’s life, costing an estimated $2,000. We can purchase a set of diapers for a little over $150.

Please support Diaper Connection through the Big Give and help us accomplish our mission!

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