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Give $50 to Cloth Diaper Connection

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Give $150 to Cloth Diaper Connection

This allows us to give a family an entire set of cloth diapers!

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A Gift for Our Contributors of $50 or More!

As a special thank you we are offering those who make a donation of $50 or more their choice of an Ohio or an Ohio Diaper keychain made by Jess CoRafty! The Ohio Diaper was created for us and not available anywhere else!

We will email you a few days after your donation to find out which you would like. Shipping is available for $3.50 or you may pick up from us at our Worthington, Ohio office. We expect the keychains to be ready in January.

Prefer to Donate by Check?

Please fill out the form to let us know about your donation. Note that we must receive your check on or before Saturday, December 10, 2016 in order to receive a keychain for gifts over $50.

Send your check to:
Cloth Diaper Connection
P.O. Box 14244
Columbus, Ohio 43214