Diaper Donations

Cloth Diaper Connection is happy to accept donations of gently used cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories to lend to families in our community. Cloth diapers must be in usable condition with no leaking issues, and they must be clean with no significant staining.

In order to keep things simple and to ensure families are successful in their cloth diapering journey, we typically do not use the following items in our program:

  • wool or fleece covers
  • used microfiber inserts
  • Gerber diapering items
  • Kawaii, Alva, Sunbaby, or similar branded diapers

Please know that any items we decide not to use may be sold in order to raise money to purchase brand new covers, fitteds, and prefolds for our program. We purchase these items because they are cost effective, and our families have consistently had success with them. We have made arrangements with cloth diaper manufacturers to get the very best prices possible on these items so that we can maximize the benefit of all the donations we receive.

On behalf of Cloth Diaper Connection and all the families we serve, thank you for your support! You really do make a difference for families in the community when you make a donation.

Drop off donations of good condition used diapers at one of our partners

Cloth Diaper Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.